Mein Wochenende in berlin

This weekend, my friend Anna Lena has been here. It is so nice to have some company when you are new in a city, because you visit restaurants, places and areas you still haven’t seen. I still haven’t got to know that many people in Berlin, but I actually haven’t felt alone for one single day. I guess there have just been to many things distracting me; places I want to see and things I want to do.

Yesterday it was Saturday, and because of the nice weather we went for some shopping in the city. Even though I tell myself to stop buying things, I fall in love with clothes and shoes every day I go shopping here in Berlin, and yesterday was no exception – I actually found my dream shoes. When the rain came, later in the afternoon, we went to have a really nice coffee at one of my favourite cafées here in Berlin; KaffeeMitte. I don’t know why I love this place so much, but I guess that it is a mix between the atmosphere, great coffee, and good prices. And since we had been walking around for some hours, a cappuccino and some cheesecake was exactly what we needed!

In the evening we had dinner in Friedrichshain with our friend Theresa. So weird to see each other again for the first time since January. But nothing had changed and we had a great evening. After dinner Anna Lena and I went to Rosenthaler Platz, and to a bar called Mein Haus am See. I have never been there before, but will definitely go here again. One of the nicest bars I have been to I think.

This morning we went up pretty late. It was Sunday after all, and already yesterday we had decided that we should go for brunch this morning. Since I live in Prenzlauer Berg, it isn’t really hard to find a nice place to go for brunch. I have been told by several people that Café Anna Blume is a must – and I am sure that I will go there some day, but this was not the plan today. Instead we went to another café just across the street called Kaffeehaus Sowohlalsauch. The weather was so nice; the sun was shining, but still a bit cold. You can really feel that autumn is coming now – but we could at least sit outside. The brunch for two included everything; bread, salad, fruits, cheese, ham, salami, pancakes, salmon, shrimps, butter, jam… It might not have been the typical brunch with eggs & bacon, but I liked it a lot and we got so much food that we couldn’t even finish it!brunch in berlin

After the brunch we went to Flohmarkt am MauerPark. Even though I almost never buy things at markets I just love walking around and look at weird stuff. This market is really big and you can find all kind of things, but it is not only a place for buying cheap things I would say – it is also a place where you can hang around; look at people, eat & drink, enjoy the park and listen to music.


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