Berlin Night Clubs – Salon Zur Wilden Renate

Today it is Monday, which usually means a new week and 40 more hours of work before the weekend. This week however, is a bit different, cause on Wednesday, the third of October it is the German Unity day, which I guess, could be a bit special here in Berlin.

Since we will be free from work on Wednesday my two friends and I have decided to go out tomorrow. I have no idea what the plans are, and maybe we will just go to some bars, but I really want to see more of Berlin’s many clubs. My first weekend here in Berlin I went out with my friend Theresa and her boyfriend to a club called Salon Zur Wilden Renate. I had never heard about the club before, but since we all love electronic music we decided to give it a try. To be honest, this was exactly how I had imagined myself clubs in Berlin; people weren’t dressed up, the music was loud, the dance floor crowded, and the beer surprisingly cheap. I can’t really understand how I will ever get used to the Swedish prices (where one cocktail easily costs €16), or to the Swedish clubs (where people don’t even seem to hear that the music that comes out of the speakers is actually music that you can dance to). Salon Zur Wilden Renate was a really cool club, and a club you go to if you want to dance, and if you like electronic music. “To dance” is basically the only thing you can do there, but for the three of us it was a perfect night out. Hopefully we will go there again.

If I would compare Berlin to Sweden I would say that in Berlin you find everything you can find in Sweden but most of the times “100 times more”. I will give an example; if you see a cool shop that sells t-shirts in Sweden everybody knows about “that cool shop that sells t-shirt”. If you see a cool shop that sells t-shirts in Berlin on the other hand you know that you will find at least 10 similar shops, are equally good or better.  Another example could be food; if you find a nice café that sells the best sandwich you’ve ever had – you know, that there are at least 5-10 more cafés in the same area that sells great sandwiches. When it comes to clubs in Berlin it is really the same: If I would have found a club like Salon Zur Wilde Renate in Sweden this would have been my favorite club for dancing, but here it is different. You know that this club was great, but you also know that you will find 10 more clubs, where people dance, drink cheap beer and listen to electronic music.

This is one of the reasons, to why I have started to look up which clubs I want to visit next. Of course I want to visit Berghain – it is legendary. But I also want to see clubs like; Hortst Krzbrg, Watergate and Tresor – only to mention a few. Hopefully I will get the chance to visit most of them, and will of course share my experience here in this blog. Because this is another thing I have understood here in Berlin, it is not about looking good and have the money if you want to get into the club, it is more about being yourself, look natural or different and be able to party 24/7.

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