Houdini – Restaurant Prenzlauer Berg

When I found the room in this apartment in Prenzlauer Berg, I was living in Copenhagen. And since I new nothing about Berlin, I asked my colleague at work about the neighborhood. When he heard about the street he gave me the simple answer: “Take it! This is one of my favorite areas, and one of the nicest restaurant areas in the whole city”. Thus, even before I moved into the apartment, I had rather high expectations, and understood that Prenzlauer Berg; “my area” is supposed to be one of the nicest areas for eating and for hanging out. Several evenings, I have been walking around, and I must admit that I’m not disappointed, cause every time I have discovered new and interesting things, places or people.

This Wednesday (two days ago) my friend T´heresa and I had decided to go for dinner. I had been at home the whole day, and she at the library, so at 7pm we both found it really nice to get some company and to enjoy some good food.

As mentioned above, “my area” is full of nice restaurants and cafés, so the hard thing isn’t really to find a nice place to eat, it is more about making a decision about where to eat. Since, I haven’t been to that many restaurants we decided to start hunting for food on Raumerstraße. Neither Theresa nor I knew what we wanted to eat, but ended up at an Indian restaurant called Houdini and honestly; this was one of the best Indian restaurants I have ever been to. First, we though we were the only guests there, but when we entered the restaurant we realized that it was full of young people.

All dishes included either rice or bread, so we decided to take one of each and then share. Guess if we were surprised when the bread that arrived was yellow, round and looked like a football? As we both thought that we had ordered the normal naan-bread, this was a bit of a surprise, but we asked the waitress who explained that “it is only air” and then…we tried to kill the bread with our forks instead. Bild

Anyway, the food at this restaurant was really good, and we had such a great time that we decided to meet up once a week (at least) to try new restaurants here in Berlin. I’m looking forward!


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