Vietnamese/Japanese Restaurant in Prenzlauer Berg

Normally I don’t eat at restaurants that much. I have always had a “philosophy” that if you don’t make it to a daily (or even weekly) routine to go to restaurants – then it will be a lot more special when you finally do it. Here in Berlin nothing have been like it usually is; I eat lunch out more or less everyday (because of the good food you can get for a cheap price and the fact that you leave the office building for an hour to hang out with friends). Also in the evenings I have been out a lot more than I usually am, much due to several visits from friends, a bit of laziness, and a desire to explore the area I live in.

Yesterday it was Alessiya’s last day here in Berlin, and since her mother left to Italy earlier that day she was going to sleep at my place. The two of us were a bit sick (we both had fever and a cold) and therefore didn’t have enough energy to cook or to go to a restaurant very far. Alessiya isn’t the biggest fan of Asian food (at least not when it comes to ginger or garlic), but since I love more or less all kinds of Asian food, and since I had seen a nice restaurant the day before, we decided to give Vinpearl Restaurant a try. Vinpearl Restaurant is located on Raumerstraße, which is just around the corner from where I currently live. (Because of the fever I actually didn’t have that much of an apetite, so maybe my “review” won’t give the fairest view). 

The first thing we noticed when we arrived to the warm and nice restaurant (everything is warm and nice nowadays, compared to the freezing weather in Berlin), was that everybody were eating soups. This was maybe not exactly what we had planned to eat for dinner, but at that exact moment soups felt like the perfect “medicine” for two weak girls, and thus, we ordered two soups to start with. I had the soup called Súp Dua which was a soup based on coconut milk, red curry, lemongrass, mushroom, thai basil, coriander and chicken. As main course we ordered some sushi; Alessiya order a mixed plate, and I ordered a plate with salmon/avokado crispy roll. Actually I didn’t know that it was sushi I had ordered (I’m not the biggest sushi fan), but must admit that I was surprised in a really good way. The sushi/crispy roll I had ordered looked lika a california roll, that was covered in some dough and then deep fried. Deep fried, might be the rong way to explain it, but I just cannot find a better way.

Both Alessiya and I were positively surprised of the food at the restaurant, the generous portions, and the friendly prices. The only thing that still surprises me is the fact that the bottle of water we shared this night was more expensive than all of my six pieces of sushi (!). Vinpearl Restaurant is definitely a place I will come back to. Apart from the good food it is really close to where I live, and a perfect “option” if I would need to find a place to eat nearby. I also want to try it once more – while not being sick. Here you can see the menu for Vinpearl Restaurant – I really think it is worth a visit!

The pictures I took turned out to be really bad (bad light + iPhone with no flash = bad combination). But! The food at Vinpearl Restaurant was delicious!

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