Christmas Market at Alexanderplatz

Before going to Berlin I met some really nice German girls. We were on exchange in Spain together and actually got so close that they more or less made me take the final decision to move to Germany. Both of them kept on talking about Christmas markets during the whole December last year; how much they missed it, how little “Christmas feeling” they felt in Spain etc. Thus, I was quite curious about this whole Christmas Market thing before moving here. After some investigation I found this site about all the Christmas markets in Germany and realized that there were sooo many – only in Berlin.

As i mentioned two days ago, I went to the Christmas market at Potsdamer Platz this Sunday, but everything was closed so me and my friend couldn’t really see so much of it. Today me and my two friends from work had decided to go to the Christmas Market at Alexander Platz. I had read somewhere that it wasn’t a really good one, but I must say; If this market isn’t good then I have A LOT to look forward to…

After we had finished working, around 5.30 p.m., we took the S-bahn towards Alexander Platz and already from the train we could see all the Christmas decorations and lights at the square. At the Christmas market they sold all kind of things; all kind of food (e.g. fast food, cheese, candy, nuts), Christmas decorations, handicraft and most important of all: Gluhwein. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before but we actually do have something very similar to Gluhwein in Sweden called Glögg (For those of you who go to IKEA during Christmas time it is often possible to buy it there). The drink we call Glögg is very similar to Gluhwein, and is also based on red wine and supposed to drink warm. The biggest different I would say is that we put almonds and raisins in it. Not all people eat them, but it gives the drink a really nice taste. I actually think that Glögg tastes a bit better than the German version, but while living here I think I will be able to survive with this one…

After we had been walking around for some time; taken some picture, and had our Gluhwein we decided to go to the shopping mall at Alexanderplatz called Alexa. There we went to Zara, H&M and Vero Moda, where I found a really nice dress. I always think it is so funny that wherever I am in the world, I always LOVE to go to H&M. Maybe it is just because “Swedish fashion” is what I am used to and what I like the most? When the time was 8 p.m. we all got hungry and went to the 3rd floor where they had some restaurants, and we could get something to eat. We ended up going to a Mexican restaurant, and order one baked potato each. The potatoes were filled with chili con carne, sour cream and cheese, and tasted really nice. It was something I had never tried before, but definitely something I will try to make at home!

Christmas Market Alexander Platz

Carousel in Berlin Alexanderplatz

Mexican Baked Potato


3 thoughts on “Christmas Market at Alexanderplatz

      • Another one that you should see is next to the Charlottenburger Schloss… Not difficult to find a better one than the one on Alexanderplatz ;-)

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