Sri Lankan Food

Yesterday me and some friends went out. Actually I hadn’t really planned to do it, but since I was home the whole last weekend more or less and since I only have two more weekends here before going home to Sweden I felt like at least I should try.

After work I went home and slept for some hours (I often do when I know it will be a late evening) and after some food and a shower I went towards Kotbusser Tor. My old colleague had invited us all over to her apartment for some drinks, and actually I don’t know how i happened but I didn’t come home until 5.30 this morning. The evening was alright; the club we went to wasn’t that good but it was just nice being out with friends.

When I woke up this morning I was surprised of how good I felt – I didn’t feel hangover at all. The weather was kind of nice so I decided to walk towards Rosenthaler Platz for some shopping. The shopping didn’t go that well, but at least I had a nice coffee at some random café. I still think that it is weird here in Berlin: you go to a place, order something to eat or drink, and then they still want you to pay for using the toilet? I could really understand it when you go to a shopping mall, station or whatever – but when you actually pay for a coffee? On my way home I also passed the Christmas Market which was just as nice as I remembered it to be, and at 7p.m. I met up with my friend to get something to eat. Since there are so many nice restaurants here in Berlin we have decided to always try new places and today we felt like it was time for some Sri Lankan food. I have never tried it before and was a bit curious, but it was actually really good.

The place we went to is called Restaurant Sigiriya and is located at Grünberger straße. There were so many dishes in the menu and since I had never tried this kind of food before it was really hard to decide what to order. I ended up with dish number 65, and for me this was really “perfect”. I have this thing that I can never decide what to order. Often I end up ordering something completely different than the others and then I’m just jealous of their food because it looks better. I also wait until the waiter asks me what I want – just because I cannot make the decision. The same thing happened today but I must say that for me this dish was perfect just because it was “a bit of everything”. There were two curries: one with chicken and one with carrots and cashew nuts. With the food i also got some sallad, rise and papadam.

“Hühner-Curry mit Kardamom, Zimt und Karapincha gewürzt. Dazu Karotten-Curry mit Cashewnüssen nach Sri Lanka Art zubereitet.”

The food was good and perfectly spicy and reminds a lot of Asian food in general. If I would describe it, I would say that it felt a bit like a mix between all Asian kitchens that I’ve tried before. The prices at restaurant Sigiriya might be a bit higher than many other restaurants in Berlin, and if you order fish for example it was a bit expensive. However, 10€ for a meal is a lot cheaper than Sweden and since it felt like I had three dishes on one plate it really felt like a fair price to pay. When I get visits here in Berlin I will definitely bring them to this place – the food was nice, the restaurant small and cosy and the staff really friendly. Also I think it was funny to eat food from Sri Lanka – just because it isn’t something you do very often.

Sri Lankan food at restaurant Sigiriya in Berlin.

Today’s dinner at restaurant Sigiriya in Berlin. 

3 thoughts on “Sri Lankan Food

  1. Bland, boring and overpriced food. Not impressive. If you liked that try a real Sri Lankan place, Raamson. Also a bit of south Indian. All is cooked fresh by the wife of the owner. The best south asian food in Berlin and believe me I have tried many.

    • I really liked it, but at the same time I don’t really have anything else to compare it with. I will look up that place, Raamson, and I guess that it is this one that you meen ? I will suggest it to my friend – Thanks for telling me about it :)

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