Back in Berlin

I’ve read at several places that if you want to succeed with a blog you should make sure to update it often and now it has been a bit over a month since I last wrote anything here. The reason is simple; I’ve been in Sweden for almost three weeks celebrating Christmas with my family and friends. And since this blog is about “a Swedish girl living in Berlin” I didn’t really see the point in posting anything while being there.

I spent New Years in Copenhagen with some of my friends there and on the 1st of January I flew back to Berlin since I needed to be at the office on the 2nd. Last week at work was so hard, and still I feel like I’m in a complete vacation mood. The weekend spent with some friends and even though we didn’t do any crazy partying it turned out to be a really nice one. When I lived in Spain one of my closest friends there was a girl from Germany. She’s now living in Berlin and on Friday I went to her place in Kreuzberg to cook with her friends. It is so nice to also hang out with some Germans ones in a while, since I mostly hang out with the other interns at my office.

On Saturday I went home to a friend. We had some dinner and then some wine. Around midnight we decided to go out for a while. She will leave Berlin soon and was in need of a “last party”. Since she had never been to Süss war Gestern but heard so much about it we decided to go there. This place is always crowded and filled to at least 75% guys, but I just love it. Actually it was the first bar/club I ever went to here in Berlin and the music is always really nice. I wrote before that we didn’t do any crazy partying and we really did not  but still I didn’t go home until 5.30 a.m. That is the big difference with living in Berlin compared to Sweden. In Sweden all the (quite boring) clubs closes at 2 a.m., people does usually not dance and then they all gather att McDonald’s.

So now when I’m back I will try to update the blog a bit more often, and I’ve already been recommended a nice restaurant that I want to try out. If you have any more suggestions of restaurants, places to see, things to do, clubs to visit etc. – feel free to comment! Hopefully the weather will get better as well. Really I can’t understand how it can rain everyday for a whole week?!


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