Sri Lankan Restaurant in Berlin – Part II

Before going home for Christmas me and my friend went to a Sri Lankan restaurant in Friedrichshain. None of us had tasted food from Sri Lanka before and was really surprised of how good it was. “Bobby Joe” commented on that blog post and according to him Restaurant Sigirya serves “boring and overprised food”. Even though I liked it a lot I became really curious about testing this other Sri Lankan restaurant he wrote about called Raamson.

My closest friend and I have this thing that we often do something on Sundays and since we both love to go out to eat it has become a bit of a tradition to try new restaurants in Berlin. Yesterday was no exception and since none of us had anything planned we decided to find the best connection to Raamson and then try this restaurant out. We had never been in this area before so we also thought it could be a bit like an adventure!

The restaurant looked really cozy from the outside and since we were a bit early (6p.m.) it was only one other couple there. When looking at the menu we got some nice juice, and then 15 minutes later we had decided to order vegetarian rolls to start with and then some fish curry as a main course. My friend had some with salmon and I still have no idea what kind of fish I had – only that it was white and really good.

Vegetable rollsThe food at the place was really good and even though my friend and I have said that we don’t want to go back to the same restaurant we said that Raamson could really be an exception. I also think that it is crazy to pay 12€ for two sodas, one starter and one main course. In Sweden that wouldn’t even be enough for one dish!



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