Katerholzig Club Berlin

kater holzig night club Berlin


Last weekend was really nice. It was intense but really nice. One of my colleagues at work is about to leave and move back home and so we decided to go out ‘big time’ this Friday. After work we all went to play pool, then we went to Simon-Dach straße for some cocktails and then after a pizza stop we took the u-bahn towards KaterHolzig. I had heard so much about it from my friends but never really bothered to check it out. Thus, I had no idea what to expect, but really – this was one of the coolest places I have ever been to. Normally I’m not so fond of places where you need to pay entrance, cause you never know what to expect and if it is going to be fun, but I think that the money I paid for entering KaterHolzig club was so well spent.

We started the evening by playing pool at work. I really suck at this game but it was nice anyway. After the game we walked towards Simon Dach Straße where we found a touristy cheap bar/restaurant with pretty disgusting cocktails. After a drink we went to the pizza place next door (Pizza Dach). I have been there so many times now that it starts to feel a bit embarrassing.. The pizzas aren’t the best, but still; they taste good, they are super cheap and you get a quick meal before going out/home. After the pizzas we took the u-bahn to Kater Holzig where we stayed the whole night long. We were there really early so the club had barely open, but it was nice to feel “sure” about getting in.

Kater Holzig Club consists of several  rooms, dance floors, bars and great music. We started by ordering some drinks in the bar downstairs and then we went upstairs to dance.  After some hours we went back down and around 6 a.m. we all felt that it was time to go home. I really want to go back to this place. I have been to quite many clubs over the years, but this was something completely different. It could be that we all were in such a great mood but anyway – a 10/10 evening. Now when I’ve been reading what others have to say about the club I got pretty surprised cause not that many seem to like it that much. I read in one Katerholzig review that the door men were really rude but this was really nothing I experienced. It was rather the opposite, and I was surprised how easily we got in…

Now when the spring comes we have decided to try out a lot of clubs, so who knows – maybe Berlin has even greater clubs to offer?

Katerholzig Night Club Berlin

Katerholzig Night Club Berlin

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