Mexican Restaurant in Berlin

mojito mexican restaurantI know that most people say that it is overpriced and not so good quality at the restaurants at Simon Dach Straße. About the price I could really agree, but when it comes to the quality of the food I really don’t think it is anything to complain over. This Friday we went out again, to a club called Watergate (will write about it another day). So the traditional Sunday dinner was moved to Saturday instead – we were just too tired to cook.

We decided to meet up at Simon Dach Straße and since it was freezing outside and we were all starving we decided to decide were to go really fast. Mexican food sounded like a really good hungover option, and so we went to this really nice place called Mojito. The place isn’t that big and the prices really not the cheapest, but the food was soo good!

We all ordered different things from the menu; Quesadillas picadillo, Enchiladas con pollo and Burrito con carne (what you see in the picture below). Everything was soo good, and even though I felt really full after my Burrito I could really have eaten one more – just because of the great taste. Since I don’t eat Mexican food that often (I always think about the tacos you eat at home which I don’t like at all) I was so curious about everybody’s food. It all looked soo good! I definitely have to go back once again and try another dish.

Another thing that looked really nice were the cocktails and the happy hour prices weren’t expensive at all (I think it is happy hour all the time more or less). Due to the heavy partying previous day we didn’t try any but I could go back another day for sure. The name of this Mexican Restaurant was Mojito, and because of that name they of course served many different kinds of this drink. It wasn’t really different tastes but rather different kinds of alcohol in all of them (Tequilo, Havana, Vodka or Pisco).

Burrito con Carne

Burrito con Carne


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