Vietnamese restaurant in Berlin

Normally when my friends and I go out to eat here in Berlin we normally just go out for a walk and then – when we see something that we like we just decide to enter. Yesterday I went to my friend’s place. We were both pretty tired and decided that it would be nice to go out to eat in the evening. Since it is so cold here at the moment we also decided that this time we should actually look up what kind of places we could go to.

This evening we felt like eating Vietnamese food and since our other friend lives close to Frankfurter allée we decided to find a place in Friedrichshain. I have no idea how my friend found it but we ended up going to a restaurant called MAMMAM Garküche. We use Qype quite a lot here when looking for places, and I really cannot understand why it doesn’t exist in Sweden. A website I will miss a lot when going back home.

MAMMAM Garküche is just like it says a street kitchen, which means that it might not be the place where you go with your family or when wanting to celebrate something big. However, we found it really cozy and also – the prices were so cheap. If you take a look at the pictures on the restaurant’s website you can see how it looks from the outside – it definitely looks like a place you want to go to when it is summer, and possible to sit outside!

The menu at MAMMAM Garküche is quite big – you can select from various kinds of rolls, curries and soups. After you’ve decided what you feel like eating you also have the possibility to decide what kind of meat you want (chicken, duck, tofu etc.) You also have the possibiIity to chose whether you want rice or rice noodles with your dish. As usual we all ordered different things, and I order “Red Chili with Tofu” cause it said that it contained peanuts/satay, which I really love. Since we had planned to go out later in the evening we also ordered one cocktail each. My friends took ‘Lemongrass-ginger-caipirinha’ and I took ‘Thai Mojito’.

The food came pretty fast and looked really beautiful on the plates. The picture below shows my dish – Red chili with tofu. I think it tasted really good and the sizes of the portions were also really great. The only thing was that I got a bit tired of the taste cause it felt like I was eating a sauce of peanut butter or something… The prices were cheap, and our dishes costed 5.90€. The drinks costed 5€, but it was only because we ordered these special cocktails – a normal beer on the other hand only cost 2€. They also had the famous beer brands from Thailand and Vietnam; Singah & Saigon, which weren’t that expensive either.





Thai Chili

Thai Chili

Asian Cocktails

Asian Cocktails


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