Weekend Club Berlin

The only sad thing with working at a company with a great amount of interns is that there are so many to “farewells”. This weekend was no exception, and thus, we had planned to go out “one last time in Berlin” with my friend Sandra. After the Vietnamese dinner at Mammams we headed back to Sandra’s place for some drinking and pre partying. We had decided to go to a club called Ritter Butzke that I have wanted to go to for a really long time, but then we found out that the tickets had been sold out. Therefore we had a second look at our list of clubs we want to visit in Berlin and decided to give Weekend Club a try.

I hadn’t really read about the club before, but only seen some pictures and it really did look nice. Now, after I’ve been at the club and also after reading some reviews of Weekend Club Berlin, I cannot more than agree with previous visitors. The club is located in the centre of Berlin and to get there is really easy; just travel to Alexander platz and then walk from there. Weekend Club is located in a storey building, on the 12th and 15th floor, and just as one can imagine; the view from the club is amazing. But, maybe that was the only thing that I found amazing with the club, and when comparing it with the other places I’ve been to in Berlin I wouldn’t say it was anything special at all. The music was good, but the drinks were rather expensive and the atmosphere felt kind of “stiff”.

I read at qype that some previous visitors had queued for two hours or so, and then they had payed 20€ or more to get in. This however, was not the case when we got there; we came to the club around 2 and then just walked straight in. The entrance was 12€ and if you wanted to use the warderobe you had ot pay an additional fee of 2€. This I would say is normal prices here in Berlin, and it was also nice to feel like you didn’t have to be “special” or “different” to enter the club. So how come I didn’t like the place that much? Well, actually I think that it mostly had to do with the people at the place; for me Weekend club really felt like a club full of tourists that were in Berlin over the weekend and wanted some cool central club to go to. The music wasn’t that bad, and the dance floor was ok, but it just didn’t have that “Berlin feeling” like all the other clubs do. I am glad that I went, cause I would have visited the club at some point anyway, but this club really feels like something that I check on my list like “been there” and then I won’t go back. IF the club had been in Sweden on the other hand I’m sure that I would have visited it again, but I guess it is just because Berlin have so many other, greater clubs to offer…

Weekend Club Berlin

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