Berlin in the summer

Today I took a big decision. I decided to stay for a bit longer here in Berlin.

The reason why I moved to Berlin was because of my internship here for half a year. I have always wanted to see the city, had one of my best friends living here, and also thought I could (maybe) learn some German. After the internship my plans have always been to move back to Copenhagen, continue working for my company there and to start studying again. Last week my company asked if I might be interested to work a bit longer for the company and to stay here in Berlin. I wasn’t quite sure what to say – not because I don’t like it here, more because it wasn’t at all what I had planned for the late spring/summer.

As usual, when standing in front of a “big decision” I called all the people I know (more or less) and asked about their opinion. I also wrote down my usual list of ‘pros & cons’ and all of a sudden it all became so clear, and I took decision to stay in Berlin until the end of June. This means: Berlin summer, more travelling in Germany, improved German skills (?)

Where to find the best German course in Berlin?

When I moved to Berlin I had no German skills at all. It wasn’t required by my company, but I decided to take a beginners course anyway. This course has now ended and I’m looking for a new one. To find the best German course in Berlin seems to be a mission in itself. There are just to many, and I have no idea what to chose. Since I work full time I only have the possibility to go in the evenings… Well I will do my research over the weekend and hopefully I come up with a good German course for beginners here in Berlin. In case anybody knows about a great German course feel free to contact me!

Brandenburger Tor - Berlin Light Festival 2012

Brandenburger Tor – Berlin Light Festival 2012

4 thoughts on “Berlin in the summer

  1. Hey, I took a number of classes at VHS and they were OK, but I am currently at Babylonia and love it. Some of the classes are during the day but some, like mine, is Monday and Thursday evenings. I would wholeheartedly recommend checking them out at the very least. You can just send an email and let them know your level and ask when the next class begins. I think Exberliner also recently did a round-up of 5 newer German schools in Berlin, so maybe try to see if those places work too.

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