The best Asian food in Berlin.

Last Sunday it was time for the weekly dinner with my friend here in Berlin. We were both pretty tired from the party the day before that had ended 8 a.m. and so, we wanted to find something within a walking distance from her place. Two weeks before, when she had been walking home from Alexanderplatz she had passed a restaurant she thought looked really nice. We had still not had the chance to visit it, and decided that this Sunday we should really give it a try.

The Restaurant is called Curcuma Restaurant and is located at Karl-Marx-Allé 35. I had actually never been on that street, which is really weird after 5 months in Berlin, so it was nice to see it as well. The weather this Sunday evening was as bad as one can imagine; windy, snowy and freezing, and after our 10 minutes walk it was so nice to get into the restaurant.

My first impression of the restaurant wasn’t that good. The whole staff was sitting downstairs, having dinner and it was completely empty. Upstairs however, where the waitress showed us to a nice table by the window it was a bit more crowded. Because of the cold weather we decided to order tea to drink. The tea we decided to drink was some ‘house speciality’ and contained ginger, lemon grass, lemon, honey and mint. It was really amazing, and exactly what we needed to get warm, cure the hangover and become “human” again.

For dinner I ordered a curry with tofu and my friend decided to order salmon with rise and salads on the side. I had read in a Qype review “what we found great was how fresh and flavorful the food was. All prepared last minute just for your order, with fresh herbs and aromates.” (Avironrouge), and I cannot more than agree with the author. When our dinner arrived and we took our first bites we both got speechless, only because of the perfectly food that had this amazing flavor – and that tasted so much.

We both love Asian food but I must say that this is really the best Asian food I have had in Berlin so far. My mother will come in visit pretty soon and Curcuma restaurant is one of the first places I want to bring her. I know she will love it just as much as we did.

Ginger, Lemon, Huney with Mint

Ginger, Lemon, Honey with Mint

Tofu in a creamy coconut-curry, with tresh ci/antro, basil a sprout-herb salad and sesame rice and roasted peanuts

Tofu in a creamy coconut-curry, with fresh cilantro, basil a sprout-herb salad and sesame rice and roasted peanuts

Salmon with rice and salads

Salmon with rice and salads

…if you decide to visit Curcuma Restaurant the restaurant’s website doesn’t contain all of the dishes and drinks that they serve. I promise that if you go you will find something you like, cause they serve a huge amount of tasteful dishes and drinks…

Curcuma Restarant-Bar

Adress: Karl-Marx-Alle 35, 101 78 Berlin
Station: Schillingstraße (U5)
Kitchen: Asian Fusion
Reviews: Tripadvisor, Qype

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6 thoughts on “The best Asian food in Berlin.

  1. Hi during my last visit in Berlin i was having a good experience in one Italian and Asian restaurants, i am not sure if i can add the name and address or not? i do not want to make any suggestion without your permission? have a good day

    • Of course you can! I love to hear about new restaurants and places to visit – so just write them. Same to you!

      • In the GALERIA Kaufhof Berlin Alexanderplatz, ground floor there is a restaurant and coffee shop for Asian and Italian food there Quality was perfect there fresh cooking pasta was fantastic, the mid day menu starting from € 8,50. very good experience

    • Thankyou!! I will check it out… Have been to so many nice restaurants here in Berlin lately, but that one I haven’t tried out

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