Good Morning Vietnam Berlin – Mitte

So… this thing about keeping the blog more up to date went really bad. I also had some problems with the Internet in my new apartment, so if anybody has a good solution for a cheap and fast internet feel free :-)

Lately, I have been super busy at work and on top of that there has been several birthdays and some friends that left Berlin, meaning a lot of time spent in bars and “farewell parties”. Another thing that happend was this crazy summer weather that arrived to Berlin over a night. We had over 30 degrees for three days that I survived surprisingly well, despite being in an office with no air condition. After the warm weather came some a serious thunder storm to Berlin, with crazy wind, rain and a lot of thunder. However, watching this from the 10th floor at Leipziger str. was kind of amazing.

One of the warmer days me and some friends went out for dinner close to Rosa Luxemburg Platz. I really think that this is one of the best areas for eating out in Berlin, and this time we went to a Vietnamese restaurant (again) called Good Morning Vietnam.

Good Morning Vietnam – Vietnamese food in Berlin

I’ve been to Good Morning Vietnam before, and think it is really good. Prices are ok, and they have quite many dishes to choose from. Another advantage is that you can get almost all food as vegetarian – either by changing chicken to tofu or by just adding more vegetables to your dish. When it comes to drinks you will experience the same thing as you do at many other cheaper Asian restaurants in the city; they cost about the same as a whole meal.

Here is the Good Morning Vietnam Berlin Menu!

Me and my two friends chose two curry dishes and one “Tofu Satay” (Like the normal Chicken satay but with tofu instead of chicken). . My friend, who is a vegetarian, was really happy that she could swap her chicken for “tofu sticks” and said it tasted really good. I found my curry really nice, but a bit to creamy for my taste. I really prefer when a curry only contains coconut milk and isn’t to creamy. It was tasty but not as nice as the other dishes I’ve had there before.

Chicken Curry with Basil

Chicken Curry with Basil

Curry with veggies and Tofu

Curry with veggies and Tofu

Good Morning Vietnam – Berlin – Mitte

Adress: Alte Schönhauser Straße 60, 10119 Berlin
Station: Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz (U2)
Kitchen: Vietnamese

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