About Me

This blog is about me – a 23 years old girl from Sweden who currently lives in Berlin.

In September I moved to Berlin for an internship that will last for six months. I had never been in Germany before, and didn’t know the German language, but I knew that I would love the city. I was right. Berlin has so much to offer and things are really going on all the time. This is one out of many reasons to why I have decided to start a blog, I want to show you all what a great city this is!

There isn’t really any specific structure of this blog; I post when I feel I have something interesting to say and something I want to show. Sometimes a lot of things are happening in my Berlin life, and sometimes it just reminds of a normal everyday life (eat, work and sleep). I do read every comment so if you wonder anything you can always ask. Of course you can also send me an e-mail to: swedishinberlin@gmail.com.

Enjoy the blog and have fun!

East Side Gallery Berlin

East Side Gallery Berlin


6 thoughts on “About Me

    • I know, it is a really great city. Things happen all the time and I love that there’s really something for everybody! Haha i know that to – and I’ve been hanging out with a lot of Scandinavians here. Could also be because I don’t know German that well ;)

    • They looked really good! And so did the rest of the recipes do in your blog. Will come back and visit you again.

  1. hey, i don;t know any swedish people here… are there any specific bars, clubs, restaurants… anythong were i can meet native speakers? :)

    • Hi Paula!!

      If you want to meet native speakers I think you should join the group “svenskar in Berlin” on Facebook. I have been lucky and met a lot of people through work (from all around the world) and felt that I don’t really need to meet people from this group. But I’m part of it and I know that they arrange quite a lot of things through the group. Hope that you find somebody to hang out with :)

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