The best Wienerschnitzel in Berlin ?

I have now been living in Berlin for almost three months, but still I haven’t really eaten German food. When me and my colleagues go for lunch we often try to eat as cheap as possible and we also work next to a Lidl where you can find something to fill the whole in your stomach for almost nothing at all. I have tried the Döner, and actually find it quite embarrassing when I think about have many times I’ve eaten it here, but honestly: ‘Döner im Brot‘ might be my absolute favourite fast food. When you buy a Döner/Kebab in Sweden you always feel a bit nervous about getting food poisoned since the food often looks really greasy and un fresh. Here in Berlin on the other hand I think that it looks fresh 90% of the times, and I think that the main reason is because: everybody buys it, meaning that you will never have to think that “maybe these vegetables are old”. I still haven’t been to the famous “Mustafas Gemüse Kebap” which is supposed to be amazing, but since I also heard that you often have to queue for at least 45 minutes I might just wait until the weather gets warmer again ;-)

So, back to this thing about typical German food that I wrote about some weeks ago. I still haven’t really explored the German kitchen, and I still feel like this is something I have to do, while living in Berlin.  However, since my last post about German food I have been out to eat Wienerschnitzel at a place/restaurant next to my work. The place is called Scheers Schnitzel and is located near the U-Waschauer straße. Since this was my first wienerschnitzel ever I didn’t really know what to expect, and I actually thought I wouldn’t like it (I have always said “why would you like to eat meat that is so flat and dry?”). But I was wrong – the Wienerschnitzel was really tasty and I’ve actually been there twice now. Still, I don’t really have anything to compare it with so maybe it is possible to get a lot better Wienerschnitzel here in Berlin.

For me it is quite unusual to go to a restaurant and order (more or less) only meat. Actually, I don’t think I have ever had that big piece of meat in just one dish before… The first time I went to Scheers Schnitzel I hade something called ‘Wiener Schnitzel brot’ which was exactly what it sounds like: a piece of meat in bread with remoulade (optional) and cheese. The second time I went there I had ‘Wiener schnitzel mit kartoffelsalat”(potato salad). One thing that I really like about this place is that they start preparing the food after you’ve ordered, meaning that it is always 100% fresh. Further, there was lots of sauces that you could eat with your dish (I love sauce).

wiener schnitzel brot‘Wiener Schnitzel brot’ at Scheert Schnitzel

So now to my question:
Has anybody tried a really great Wiener Schnitzel here in Berlin?, or knows about a German restaurant that I just “have to go to”?, or maybe want to recommend me his/her favorite German dish that I should try?

4 thoughts on “The best Wienerschnitzel in Berlin ?

  1. Hmm… Wiener Schnitzel is an austrian dish which never is served in a bread-roll ;-) A good restaurant where you’ll get a good one is the Louis at the Richardplatz in Neukölln… Or a really good one at the Jolesch in Kreuzberg…

    • Haha I know, but still – I had never tried it before going here ;) I will definietly check those places out. Still haven’t really been in Neukölln so that might be a reason to investigate the area more! Thanks for the tip :)

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