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Weekend Club Berlin

The only sad thing with working at a company with a great amount of interns is that there are so many to “farewells”. This weekend was no exception, and thus, we had planned to go out “one last time in Berlin” with my friend Sandra. After the Vietnamese dinner at Mammams we headed back to Sandra’s … Continue reading

Katerholzig Club Berlin

Last weekend was really nice. It was intense but really nice. One of my colleagues at work is about to leave and move back home and so we decided to go out ‘big time’ this Friday. After work we all went to play pool, then we went to Simon-Dach straße for some cocktails and then … Continue reading

Sri Lankan Food

Yesterday me and some friends went out. Actually I hadn’t really planned to do it, but since I was home the whole last weekend more or less and since I only have two more weekends here before going home to Sweden I felt like at least I should try. After work I went home and … Continue reading